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Diaper bag 


GEL tires

Easy mechanism for attaching the seat

Adjustable leg


visual & auditory lock / unlock button

First collaborates closely with the specialized company Avionaut to ensure strict adherence to the latest ECE regulations. The designers have prioritized effortless assembly, a feature that will undoubtedly resonate with young parents, often uncertain about the proper base installation. With our universal Isofix base, there's no room for doubt. It comes equipped with visual and auditory indicators, assuring you of a correct mount. This not only enhances convenience but also saves precious time during those hectic mornings when you're hurrying off to work or school.


Enhancing safety and comfort on every journey, FIRST car seats are a trusted choice. Yet, for optimal performance, the correct installation is paramount. Enter the IQ 2.0 C model , a must-have car seat mounting base. Notably, its universal design seamlessly accommodates most car models, alleviating concerns of costly base replacements when switching vehicles as a parent.

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