Warranty terms for Atlanta & Panama

Standard terms

Standard terms : 2 years on all mechanical parts of the frame.

Excluded from warranty

No warranty on non-mechanical parts :

  1. accessories such as umbrella, pvc-cover, bags, mosquito net, leg protection & other accessories delivered with the baby car.

  2. small parts such as zips, poppers

  3. upholstery &  fabrics,

  4. tires

  5. brakes

How to report a problem.

Any defect can be reported to the seller for a possible repair.

The manufacturer reserves the right to agree or disagree with any repair at his own cost.

Defect parts can only be returned to the seller, along with a receipt or invoice providing the purchase date.

Beginning 2020, every Baby car is delivered with a 'certificate of authenticity' card with a unique serial number according the number on the frame.(Fontside underneath)

In case of any doubt regarding the defect, the seller is free to decide to repair or to refuse.

When does this warranty covers a problem?

This warranty is only valid when all Instructions (A) and the manual (C-D-E-F) have been respected. Confer the online manual.

Certificate of Authenticity

Available for all baby cars purchased after January 2020

A upgrade to 3 years will be active only if the registration has been done online for all purchases after January 2020. The serial number on this certificate must be the same number on the frame (frontside underneath)

All conditions remain as specified above.

All purchases before this date or non registered purchases online will be covered under the 2 years warranty conditions.

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