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  • I have a technical problem and I would like to use my warranty.
    The warranty & warranty conditions are described in your manual. You can view the manual online or check the warranty terms online Make sure you have a proof of purchase available within the legal terms of warranty. Contact your point of sale by mail to explain the problem. Make sure everything is clear by adding a maximum of information for example with a corresponding video. Tell us about your claim by filling in the online aftersales support form. We will contact your purchase adress as soon as possible and take all necessary steps to assist you and solve the problem.
  • Where do I find the frame number?
    The frame number is mentioned on the FRONTSIDE UNDERNEATH the frame OR use the number on your CERTIFICATE of authenticity.
  • The  rear wheel is making a clatter noise or brakes are jamming.
    On the inside of the rear wheels, you will find the GEARWHEEL to lock the wheel through the brake mechanism. Attempting to move the stroller dynamically with a locked brake can cause the gearwheel slipping out of the wheel. Too large displacement of the gearwheel when driving results in its scraping against the METAL PIN. Thereby generating a clatter noise. Take the wheel off the frame If the gearwheel sticks out of the wheel, gently hit it with a rubber hammer. The gearwheel should adhere to the wheel with all its surface. Remember to properly secure the gearwheel during its operation, to prevent damage of the wheel. If the gearwheel is damaged, replace it by a new one. Remove this part with the help of pliers or a screwdriver, provided that it is delicately used as a lever. Repeat this around the gearwheel until it is loose. Take care not to damage the wheel. Take it off and replace it by a new one. Gently hit the new one with a rubber hammer until it adheres on all its surface of the wheel. Make sure it is as close as possible to the wheel so the brake pin does not falter the gearwheel when driving, which gives the clattering noise. If the problem is not solved, long-lasting dirt on the elements guiding / holding the brake pin, can cause changings of the characteristics to the SPRING ELEMENTS & SERRATED EDGE, which may cause not proper withdrawal of the brake pin and lead to the effect of knocking against the scraping gearwheel. Clean the area around the brake pedal and especially the recess next to the brake pedal with a damp cloth or a brush. Use a lubricant that displaces water (eg WD-40). It is important that the agent penetrates thoroughly into the gaps between the brake pedal & the SERRATED EDGE & METAL PIN Try out if the pedal brake goes smoothly up/down and if the metal pin is withdrawing properly. If the problem is not solved, you can replace the BRAKE PIN and replace it by a new one. Slide out the brake pin until the serrated edge comes out of the brake pedal. Check the end of the SERRATED EDGE. If it is crooked, you can try to straighten it up with a pliers or replace it by a new one. Be carefull to put the 2 spring elements back. Slide the brake pin back in place.
  • The rear wheels are coming off the chassis. Problem with putting in the axle.
    FIRST wheel axles have been finished with 2 ends - flat and sharp. The sharp tip should be placed inside the frame, while the flat end should be placed into the wheel. Check if you enter the axles with the appropriate side - the tips should be arranged as shown on the picture.
  • The canopy of my Atlanta rubs against the frame
    The canopy upholstery is mounted on flexible steel strips. Improper folding, transport, pressure of people or objects (while in crowded places) can cause deformation of the strips, which results in increasing the widht of the canopy surface. As a result, the wider canopy rubs against the frame, leading to their damage. In this case, the shape of the flexible steel strips should be corrected, which will prevent any damage. Gently squeeze the strips so that the canopy fits within the frame (without scraping the uplostery).
  • The canopy of my seat unit is falling down
    Adjusting the canopy can cause loosening of the mounting screw. This is a normal consequence of frequent changing the position of the canopy. If the canopy falls or appears to be loose during adjustment, it may be necessary to tighten the screw in the element visible on the graphics next to it. Use the wing-type hex-key to tighten the screw. Remember not to tighten the screw too much. Over-tightening may result in damage to the plastic parts.
  • My wheel is damaged
    The wheel rims are made of plastic. The impact of large forces, for example impacts on higher transverse obstacles, excessive pressure during transport or too high air pressure in the wheel can lead to a damage of the wheel rim, which will prevent it's further use. Mechanical damage is not covered by the warranty. Contact a First dealer and order a First wheel, matching your model.
  • How many time do I have to return my online purchased product ?
    You may return your product(s) within a delay of 14 calender days after reception The notice period expires 14 days after the day on which you or a third party you designated, who is not the carrier, physically holds the good(s).
  • What are the conditions to return my online purchased product(s)?
    the products must be : intact, unworn, unwashed, unused all accessories and all labels are still on the inside all labels are still on the outside the secured hang-tag label is still seal locked
  • Which documents do I need for returning my online purchased product(s)?
    You have 2 options Online with a 'return form'. This form will be automatically generated in our system. Contact our service by 'mail' mentioning name / address / invoice n°/ article n° /date of return & eventual reason. If these mentionings are not clear, this option will not be validated.
  • Who is  responsable for my returned product(s)
    The returned goods travel at your own risk. To ensure that your order arrives correctly, we recommend that you keep the shipping receipt, therefore we suggest to return the product(s): with a 'proof of delivery' or with a 'track & trace' number.
  • Where do I have to return the online purchased product(s) ?
    Put the items you want to return in the shipping box. Stick a return label on the box and remove or cover the original shipping label. return to: WD Diffusion nv Oude Beselarestraat 52 8940 WERVIK BELGIUM +32 56311587 INFO@WD-DIFFUSION.COM
  • When do we refund your returned product(s)?
    You will receive all payments you have made until that moment, except delivery costs (any additional costs resulting from your choice of a delivery method ) without delay and at least no later than 14 days after we have been informed of your decision to withdraw from the contract. We will refund you with the same payment method as the original transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise. In any case, such fees will not be charged to you. We will wait until we receive the goods. You must return the goods to us without delay, but at least no later than 14 days after the day on which you decide to cancel the agreement. You'll be on time to return the goods before the 14-day period has expired. You are only liable for the depreciation of the goods as a result of the use of the goods, which goes beyond what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods
  • I am missing a part in my delivery box
    If you are missing a part in your delivery. Please mention the article number and part number. Part numbers are mentioned on your manual. You can send us this information by e-mail or by filling in the aftersales support form. Or call us on +32 (0)56 311587. Don't forget to mention: your name & adress, mobile phone number where we can reach you. the date of receiption and transports name. the date and invoice / purchase date of your delivery. clear pictures of the damage on diffrent angles of the box.
  • Due to inattention, i have damaged my furniture."
    If you have damaged your furniture by inattention, don't worry, we can deliver all necessary parts of your furniture. Please send us your name & date of purchase & the part number, mentioned on your manual. Send us this information by email or by filling in the afterservice formular. Or call us on +32 (0)56 311587. We will reply you as soon as possible to solve your problem. Please note that if we need to order some parts, this need some time for delivery. Please mention: your name & adress, mobile phone number where we can reach you. the date of receiption and transports name. the date and invoice / purchase date of your delivery. clear pictures of the damage, part n° & art n°.
  • I received my box with visible damage due to transport.
    If you received a box with visible damage due to transport, you need to mention this on the delivery papers of the transporter. Please send us immediately ONLY by e-mail + clear pictures on diffrent angels of the damage, mentioning your name & adress, mobile phone number where we can reach you. the date of receiption and transports name. the date and invoice / purchase date of your delivery. clear pictures of the damage on diffrent angles of the box.
  • I opened my box and discovered some damage.
    If you discovered damege, not due by transport, you will need to take contact with us by e-mail or by phone +32 (0) 56311587. You will have to mention the article number/ purchase invoice & date / the damaged part. You can find the part numbers on your manual. Please mention: your name & adress, mobile phone number where we can reach you. the date of receiption and transports name. the date and invoice / purchase date of your delivery. clear pictures of the damage on diffrent angles + part n° & art N°.
  • Where can i find the users manual?
    We can provide the users manual by e-mail
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