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"The room that earns a crown"A Pinnacle of Design for the Enthusiasts of ‘FIRST’. The June room boasts a sleek and minimalist aesthetic, characterized by precise right angles and smooth, flat panels. The drawers feature subtly sloping sides, ensuring effortless opening. The pièce de résistance is the chrome FIRST crown, adding a regal touch to the design.”

The June baby bed is a versatile and stable solution

for parents looking for a crib that can adapt to the changing needs of their growing baby, from infancy to early childhood. Ref 9908400

June bed
  • 3 Levels of Height Adjustment: This baby bed has 3 levels for the mattress height. The highest level is recommended for the first few months when the baby is small and needs to be easily accessible. When the baby can sit up on their own, you can lower the mattress to the second level for added safety.Stable Design: The bed is designed for stability and safety. It features long threads inside the legs that go through the sides of the bed to provide steadiness, ensuring that the bed remains securely in place.

  • Construction Materials: The sides of the cot and the base of the sleeping place are made of framed construction with rails in birch wood, which is a sturdy and durable material. The ends of the cot are made of painted fiberboard (MDF).

  • Dimensions: Length: 1400 mm - Depth: 700 mm - Height: 920 mm

  • EN safety requirements : Parents and caregivers can have confidence in the safety and reliability of these cots, knowing that they have undergone testing to meet established safety standards. This commitment to safety is essential in the design and manufacturing of baby furniture to protect the well-being of infants and to provide peace of mind for parents.

Transformable to a First Age Bed: As the baby grows and transitions to a toddler, the June baby bed can be transformed into a first-age bed by removing the two side panels. This allows the bed to accommodate a child who has outgrown the crib but is not yet ready for a regular bed.

Removable side rails :The inclusion of side rails that can have three rails removed to allow the baby to go in and out safely is an excellent safety feature. This design helps prevent accidents that can occur when a baby starts to climb or attempts to get out of the bed on their own.

The June dresser is a practical and stable storage solution

with a focus on eco-friendly materials, ease of assembly, and user-friendly features such as silent-closing drawers.(Ref 9908401)

  • Three Drawers with Silent Close: The dresser has 3 drawers equipped with Blum rails that feature damping for silent closing. This feature ensures that the drawers close smoothly and quietly, preventing slamming. All inside layers of the dresser drawers are made of solid eco-MDF, which promotes sustainable use of materials. This eco-friendly design is a great choice for quality conscious consumers.

  • Easy Assembly: Assembly of the dresser is relatively quick and straightforward, taking approximately 30 minutes. The dresser comes partially pre-mounted for easy assembly, including pre-mounted side sliders for the drawers.

  • Stable Design: The dresser is designed for stability and durability

  • Extra space: The adaptability of the June dresser with extensions that change its depth is a clever feature. When the back-side flaps are in, these extensions come down, allowing for an adjustable depth. This extra depth not only offers additional space but also serves to accommodate add-ons such as extra kits and a tissue box, ensuring that there's still room to include supplementary features or accessories. This adaptability and flexibility in the dresser's design provide versatility for organizing and customizing the space according to specific needs or preferences.

  • Materials: The dresser is primarily constructed from painted fiberboard (MDF) and particle board, which are commonly used materials for furniture. The rear wall is made of 3 mm thickness finished fiberboard.

  • Dimensions: Length: 1100 mm - Depth: 500/650 mm - Height: 890 mm

june dresser
extra storage compartments in a drawer

Our white laminated cotton storage compartment is available in two variations to suit your preferences: L40 x H11 cm with a choice between a width of 32 cm (ref 9903994) or 16 cm (ref 9903993). This versatile solution is designed to fit seamlessly inside your drawers, offering a convenient and organized storage option. Its interior is lined with a washable white laminated cotton towel on the bottom, complemented by a layer of sponge for added cushioning.

Whether you opt for the spacious L40 x H11 cm x W32 cm model or the more compact L40 x H11 cm x W16 cm version, this flat-packed storage compartment arrives ready for easy installation, ensuring your belongings are both neatly stored and protected (Picture for showing interior = Gio' drawers)


The maternity kit & tissue box (ref 9908402) is a considerate addition for parents, ensuring stability and safety when using a maternity pillow with the baby. Its adherence to EN safety norms signifies its compliance with safety standards for infant use, offering peace of mind to caregivers. 

  • Moreover, the dresser's exclusive extra compartment for a tissue box, designed specifically for the June dresser, holds the box securely in place. This compartment adds a practical touch to the dresser's functionality.

  • The space-saving design of the dresser is enhanced by the feature where the backside-top can be lowered, optimizing space utilization when the maternity kit is not in use. This versatility in adjusting the dresser's configuration allows for convenient storage or transportation. The dresser's ability to transform by removing the maternity kit showcases its adaptability, making it a versatile and enduring furniture piece that can cater to varying needs as your child grows, adding value and practicality to any room, particularly the nursery.

june maternity kit

The precise dimensions and ergonomic design of the matching FIRST mattress (art 9903823) ensure optimal compatibility and support within the changing pad kit, enhancing both safety and comfort during diaper-changing tasks.

The June wardrobe is designed to provide both functionality and convenience

  • Easy to assemble : Assembling the Gio wardrobe is a quick and straightforward process, requiring just 30 minutes of your time. We've taken care of some of the assembly work for you by partially pre-mounting key components, including the lower box with 2 drawers already in place.

  • Silent close : The Blum rails integrated into this wardrobe are equipped with damping technology, ensuring that the doors and drawers close silently and smoothly, adding to the overall convenience of using the wardrobe.

  • Stable design : Stability is a priority, and to achieve that, we've included a 5th leg positioned in the middle of the drawer box. This additional support enhances the wardrobe's stability and ensures it remains sturdy and dependable. The legs are designed with long threads that extend through the sides of the cabinet, providing further steadiness.

  • Features : For your convenience and to achieve a perfect fit, the doors of the Gio wardrobe are equipped with adjustable hinges. This feature allows you to customize the alignment of the doors, ensuring they sit perfectly in place and creating a seamless and aesthetically pleasing look for your bedroom or dressing area.

  • Dimensions : Length: 1200 mm - Depth: 600 mm - Height: 2070 mm

June wardrobe
june wardrobe inside compartments

The June wardrobe  features 2 doors and 2 silent-close drawers, allowing for versatile storage options. Ref 9908403

Inside, you'll find

  • a well-organized subdivision with 2 hanging spaces

  • 3 sectioned shelves, making it easy to keep your clothing and accessories neatly arranged.

The exclusive accessories  for the June series are thoughtful additions to create a pleasant and functional nursery or baby's room.

These accessories can help enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the space, making it more inviting and organized.

double teddy bear shelve

The Teddy Bear Shelf with buttons for hanging clothes or decorative elements is a versatile and charming addition to any room, featuring the beloved FIRST teddy bears design. This multi-functional shelf offers a delightful way to showcase teddy bears, decorative accents, or cherished items on its top surface, adding a touch of warmth and personality to the room's decor.


What makes this shelf particularly practical is its thoughtful design—buttons situated underneath the shelf provide a simple and convenient solution for organizing your baby's clothes. . This combination of display space and functional hanging features makes the shelf a valuable and appealing addition to a nursery or child's room, offering both aesthetic charm and practicality. Ref 9908512

A variation of this shelf is also available featuring a single teddy bear design. This option offers a charming and simpler aesthetic, showcasing a single teddy bear motif. Like its counterpart, it provides a functional shelf to display cherished items or decorative elements atop while incorporating the convenient buttons beneath the shelf for hanging clothes or additional decor.


This alternative design maintains the same practicality and versatility while offering a different visual appeal, allowing for a choice that aligns with diverse preferences or room aesthetics.Ref 9908511

single teddy bear shelve

The Solid June Toy Chest is a practical and well-designed storage solution with safety features that make it suitable for children.

Its dual functionality as a storage unit and a comfortable bench adds value to any child's room, providing a space to keep toys organized and a cozy seating area for parents and children to enjoy together. Ref 9908424

  • Two Silent-Close Arms with Safety Mechanism: The toy chest is equipped with two silent-close arms that allow the lid to be held at a 75° angle. It also includes an inside built brake for added safety, preventing the lid from accidentally closing on fingers or hands.

  • Dimensions: Length: 850 mm - Depth: 468 mm - Height: 480 mm

Versatile Use: This toy chest has extra high quality mattress & jersey cover (not included) for use as a comfortable bench for both children and parents. It offers a functional seating area, making it a versatile piece of furniture for a child's room or play area.

june kamer (NEW PANORAMA GREY)_edited.jpg


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