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Introducing our exclusive diaper bag collection featuring two distinct styles: the Rafaella and Ariane.

Whether you opt for the duffle or backpack style, both bags exude exclusivity with embossed signature details of First. Beyond their functionality as nursery bags, these versatile pieces seamlessly transition into leisure accessories, ensuring sustained sophistication and utility.


Meticulously handcrafted from 100% full-grain leather, the Rafaella diaper bag embodies enduring quality and timeless elegance. This duffle bag design ensures long-term use, offering superior durability, the development of a beautiful patina over time, and an embrace of natural imperfections that elevate its distinct character. Beyond its functionality as a nursery bag, the Rafaella effortlessly transitions into a sophisticated leisure accessory, maintaining its utility and style.


Organised interior

Tailored for moms and dads, the bag's ergonomic interior is meticulously designed with multiple compartments, including a secure zip pocket.

Additionally, it features a dedicated side bag for iPads or other gadgets, offering convenient and secure storage.

The Rafaela's lining boasts stain-resistant nylon, ensuring easy maintenance and lasting quality. Additionally, the inside extra bag is robustly constructed with a zip stitched into a leather patch, guaranteeing long-term durability and secure usage.

  • The bag showcases the exclusive FIRST Signature embossed print on its exterior, while the nylon interior lining guarantees durability for regular use.

  • The Rafaella bag is meticulously designed with optimized  dimensions—measuring W27 x H30 x L50—to strike the ideal balance. It's compact enough for convenient transportation while offering ample space to accommodate numerous items efficiently. These dimensions ensure a perfect fit for a substantial load without compromising on portability.

Regular care and maintenance will help preserve the natural beauty and quality of your full-grain leather bag, ensuring it remains a stylish and durable accessory for years to come.


The addition of a leather luggage name with tag to each bag offers both a functional and personalized touch.  the inclusion of a leather luggage name tag not only elevates the bag's appearance but also serves as a functional and practical addition for travel and identification purposes.

  • Identification: They provide a designated space to add your contact information, making it easier to locate your bag in case it gets misplaced during travels.

  • Practicality: Beyond its decorative aspect, the name tag contributes to practicality by distinguishing your bag from others, especially in crowded or busy settings like airports or hotels.

Stroller Compatibility

  • Engineered with adapted buckles, this bag seamlessly fits the First Atlanta stroller.

  • Equipped with two additional belts, it offers universal adaptability, effortlessly attaching to various stroller models for added convenience.

This versatile diaper bag offers multiple carrying options, allowing for personalized convenience.

This adaptability provides users the freedom to choose their preferred carrying style while ensuring comfort and ease, making it suitable for various situations and preferences.

Certificate of authenticity

The unique serial numbers assigned to each FIRST SIGNATURE bag serve as an exclusive identifier, ensuring its authenticity and provenance.


These serial numbers play a crucial role beyond identification, they act as a mark of genuineness, confirming that the bag is an original FIRST product manufactured to the brand's exacting standards.

Your online registration ensures that you're covered by our warranty, providing you peace of mind. Should you need anassistance or have questions in the future, our dedicated team is here to support you.


Register your certificate online and receive a FIRST online store gift voucher.

9903423-85 interior (2).jpg


Our Ariane diaper bag introduces a contemporary fusion by melding 100% genuine leather with nylon, resulting in a youthful and trendy appearance. This backpack-style diaper bag harmonizes the enduring durability of leather with the modern allure of nylon, providing a unique blend that guarantees longevity, patina development, and distinctive character. 

Designed to seamlessly transition from nursery functionality to leisure elegance, this bag offers enduring quality and a versatile aesthetic.


Available in three captivating color combinations—black, moleskin beige, and navy/cognac—it caters to diverse preferences while maintaining its timeless style and functionality across various settings and occasions.

  • The Ariane backpack bag boasts genuine embossed leather details adorned with the iconic First signature logo, creating a sophisticated and distinguished look. Its interior, lined with durable nylon, ensures resilience for everyday use.

  • On the other hand, the Ariane bag is thoughtfully designed with optimized dimensions measuring W24 x H33 x L46. This careful sizing strikes the perfect balance, offering ample space for all baby essentials while maintaining a convenient size for effortless transportation—whether worn as a backpack or shoulder bag. Its clever design ensures practicality without compromising on style or functionality.

9903423-08 (2).jpg

Organised interior & exterior

Crafted for parental convenience, the bag's interior is thoughtfully structured for optimal organization,

  • The Ariane bag's interior lining is crafted from stain-resistant nylon, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and long-lasting quality, offering multiple compartments and specialized lining to maintain temperatures for hot or warm items.

  • Additionally, the supplementary interior bag is skillfully constructed with a zip seamlessly stitched into a durable leather patch, ensuring longevity and secure storage of items.


The exterior boasts

  • a convenient side pocket, ensuring easy access to essentials like keys or a phone without requiring removal of the bag.

  • Moreover, the side bag, designed initially for trolley use, functions dually as a practical side pocket. Its versatile design allows for easy access and closure via a zip situated underneath, providing functionality both on the go and during stationary use.

9903423-08 detail (6).jpg

Stroller Compatibility

  • Engineered with adapted buckles, this bag seamlessly fits the First Atlanta stroller.

  • Equipped with two additional nylon belts, it offers universal adaptability, effortlessly attaching to various stroller models for added convenience.


The inclusion of a key chain holder in the form of the FIRST teddy bear head serves as a charming and functional accessory. Beyond its decorative appeal, it offers practicality by providing a designated place to secure keys, adding a touch of personality to the bag. This thoughtful addition not only enhances the bag's aesthetics but also serves as a delightful and useful accessory for everyday use.

The Ariane diaper bag provides versatile carrying options, functioning as

  • a backpack,

  • a shoulder bag,

  • and easily slipping onto a trolley for convenient use during holidays.


This adaptability ensures comfortable and practical handling, catering to different preferences and travel needs.

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