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The limited edition stroller is a truly exclusive design, featuring a stunning beige exterior accented by sleek black chrome finishings. This  Beige Atlanta model is presented as a limited edition, complete with a certificate indicating its unique serial number. To elevate its elegance, the stroller is adorned with a luxurious leather trim and boasts brand-new rims, enhancing both its style and performance.

The Atlanta Limited Edition is a fully equiped two-in-one stroller.

limited edition kinderwagen

The baby car boasts a premium level of finishing.

  • Constructed from high-quality WATER-REPELLANT fabric.

  • The hood features a zip opening for both insulation and VENTILANTION .

  • The second age hood can be expanded when the seat is in its fully reclined position, providing extra coverage and protection.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT structure ensures effortless transportation.

  • The TUBELESS GEL wheels and the balance levers offer a premium suspension system, delivering exceptional comfort.

  • Both the seat and gondola are equipped with ADJUSTABLE backrests, allowing you to easily change the baby's reclining position for maximum comfort.

  • The seat is equipped with an adjustable footrest and offers the FLEXIBILITY to be mounted in either a rearward or forward-facing position.

  • The second age seat comes with a five-point safety belt and a soft bumper to ensure both the COMFORT and safety of the baby.

  • For added parental comfort and convenience, the adjustable handle is crafted from eco-leather and features two grips to secure any FIRST nursery bag.

  • The DIRECTION MEMORY SYSTEM prevents the front wheels from spinning unnecessarily.

  • With the optional 'CAR SEAT ADAPTOR,' you can easily attach a car seat to the frame for added convenience and flexibility.

  • COVERS AND LINERS: Provide weather-resistant covers or liners that fit your stroller and second seat. These can protect against rain, wind, or harsh sunlight, ensuring your child's comfort.

  • RAIN COVER & MOSQUITO NET: Rain covers are essential for keeping your child dry during unexpected showers.

  • DIAPER BAG equipped with compartments for organized storage

  • CUP HOLDER: convenient additions for parents. They provide a place to hold drinks while on the go.

  • KEYCHAIN HOLDER: A leather teddy and eco-fur ponpon  serves as a delightful and stylish gadget.

  • ADDITIONAL FRAME BAG:, allowing you to easily store items and quickly access everything when folding the frame.

  • UMBRELLA: features an internal high UV protection film.

  • STORAGE BAG to make storage more convenient.

  • 2 MATTRESSES:  One mattress is designed in jersey for the warmer months. The second mattress, made of cozy teddy fabric, is perfect for the winter season, ensuring your little one stays warm and snug during chilly outings. 

Certificate of authenticity & warranty

Every FIRST stroller is issued a one-of-a-kind serial number, which is matched with an accompanying certificate of authenticity card. These components serve as a guarantee that your purchase is an authentic, genuine FIRST stroller, and they play a crucial role in validating the stroller's warranty. Additionally, the inclusion of a serial number and certificate of authenticity adds intrinsic value to the stroller, making it especially appealing to enthusiasts.

*Warranty : You have the option to extend the stroller's warranty from the standard 2 years to 3 years with a minimal upgrade fee, ensuring peace of mind without unexpected additional expenses.

certificate of authenticity LIMITED EDITION.jpg

As an additional option, you can choose the e-LITE i-size car seat & IQ base

  • The E-lite car seat, weighing under 3.2 kg, provides everyday convenience as one of the lightest car seats on the market, making it EASY TO CARRY.

  • It ensures proper baby positioning with the help of its specially designed PILLOW REDUCER insert.

  • This car seat is in accordance with the strictest standards of ECE -R129

  • The set includes the jersey cover, car seat adaptor, pillow reducer cover, and a matching hood, providing a comprehensive and COORDINATED package.

  • Easy installation on the ISOFIX BASE with the ISOFIX system or using car seat belts.

With the optional car seat adapter,  you can easily attach any carseat, from brands like Cybex and Maxi-Cosi, to the frame for added convenience and flexibility, These adapters are designed to fit specific car seat models , so it's essential to ensure that the adapters are available and compatible with your car seat combination.

e-lite LIMITED edition

Elevate the appeal of your stroller with our extensive range of accessories

We have developed a range of additional options, meticulously designed to complement and match your stroller. These options include hand muffs, foot muffs, covers, Mobiles, and angels nests.

These accessories have been created with both style and functionality in mind, ensuring that you can enjoy a coordinated and comfortable experience while using our strollers.

Whether you need warmth and protection during colder weather or added comfort for your little one, our accessory line is tailored to meet your needs.

Explore our selection to enhance your strolling experience with both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

options Limited edtion
ATLANTA LIMITED EDITION 2e zit foto met mama
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