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The Loft series has been meticulously crafted to complement smaller spaces, offering a blend of functionality and compact design. Its cleverly engineered assembly process minimizes the need for excessive screws and complicated installation. This thoughtful design aims to simplify the setup, ensuring that assembling Loft series furniture is a hassle-free and straightforward experience.By prioritizing ease of assembly without compromising on quality or functionality, the Loft collection is tailored to meet the needs of those seeking practical and space-efficient furniture solutions.

Design registration protects our creative work from imitation.

Here are the key features and specifications of our loft models. 

LOFT COT/PLAYPEN (ref 9908416)

The new contemporary cot and playpen combination offer versatility for infants from the early months up to around 6 months old.

  • Dual Functionality: This cot/playpen hybrid accommodates infants from the first age up to around 6 months. It functions as both a cot and a playpen. In the initial months, it works as a cot with unique First bumpers and decoration designs. The base is adjustable to the lowest position when the baby is capable of sitting, kneeling, or pulling themselves up.

  • Assembly: Assembling this cot or playpen is quick and straightforward, requiring only 15 minutes due to its unique design, making it easy to set up.

  • Materials: The cot or playpen is constructed using MDF-WB white with supporting ends and a height-adjustable sleeping base. The sides and ends of the cot, along with the base, are made of durable 18 mm painted fiberboard (MDF). The ends and sides are interlocked at the top and connected at the bottom with four units of M8 bolts. The base is placed on four ø 6 mm metal hooks set in the ends of the cot and secured with four M6 internal screws.

  • External Dimensions: The external dimensions of the cot are: Length: 1010 mm - Depth: 830 mm - Height: 830 mm

This cot/playpen combination offers a convenient and adaptable solution for parents, providing a safe and comfortable space for infants while easily transforming between a cot and a playpen as the baby grows and becomes more active. Its sturdy construction and adjustable features cater to the changing needs of a growing baby.

9908416 v1.jpg

LOFT DRESSER (ref 9908417)

The First nursery changing dresser is a versatile addition designed to fit into any space, offering convenience and functionality.

  • Design and Functionality: The changing top is specifically crafted to accommodate the matching FIRST nursery pad (ref. 9903823) with a cover, providing a comfortable and secure changing area. It features three shelves, offering ample storage space for various nursery essentials.

  • Matching Accessories: It pairs well with specially designed storage boxes available in different colors, offering a cohesive and organized look to the nursery. Additionally, matching accessories like a Kleenex cover, changing pad, changing pad cover with a towel, bathcape, washcloth, and toiletry bag complement the changing top for a comprehensive nursery setup.

  • Assembly: Assembling this changing top takes approximately 20 minutes. The design focuses on a simple assembly process, utilizing eccentric fasteners and plastic connectors with M6 bolts to secure the frame walls and elements of the changing top.

  • Materials: It is made from MDF WB white, with the changing top and shelves constructed from 18 mm thickness finished fiberboard (MDF). The shelves are stationary and integrated into the frame walls for stability and durability.

  • External Dimensions: The external dimensions of the storage unit are: Length: 755 mm - Depth: 555 mm - Height: 955 mm

loft dresser

This nursery changing top not only provides a dedicated and comfortable changing space but also offers practical storage solutions, maintaining a well-organized and visually appealing nursery environment. Its adaptability to various accessories and color options contributes to a personalized and functional setup for caregivers and their little ones.

The precise dimensions and ergonomic design of the matching FIRST mattress (art 9903823) ensure optimal compatibility and support within the Loft dresser, enhancing both safety and comfort during diaper-changing tasks.


The storage boxes designed for each color series are tailored to match the room's aesthetic while offering practicality. They feature a foldable design for easy storage when not in use. The removable interior plates facilitate effortless washing, ensuring cleanliness and maintenance of the boxes.

These boxes are constructed with a water-repellent cotton interior enhanced with PU protection. This specialized design not only adds durability but also provides resistance to moisture, enhancing the longevity of the storage boxes while safeguarding the items stored inside.


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